Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some of our most frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to contact us directly with additional questions or for more information or to arrange a free consultation

How much will it cost?

To answer that question we usually need at least one full set of plans for initial review. If the project is in the very preliminary planning stages or not even on paper, it is very difficult to determine costs based on rough ideas of size and style of construction.

We can help you figure out the basic costs of a custom home, but having at least a preliminary set of drawings, as well as some construction details regarding material and finish selections make this process much more accurate. The more information you bring to us, the more comprehensive of an estimate we can provide. We can also help “value engineer” your plans and ideas in an attempt to accommodate your desired budget.

Are your prices competitive?

Yes, our experience tells us that our prices are competitive, and we feel that we provide the very best value to ensure you receive the finest finished product and aren’t overpaying.

Our project estimates are extremely detailed. This gives you a complete and accurate picture of the total project cost before construction begins to avoid surprises and unanticipated overruns later.

How long will it take to build?

This question is a difficult one to answer until all of the drawings and specifications are completed and the full scope of the project is determined. Our average builds take between sixteen and thirty two weeks to complete depending on the scope of the project. As a home grows in size and complexity, the duration grows as well. Elements such as difficult site conditions and access from neighbouring areas can dramatically impact the schedule.

We provide you with an estimated construction schedule once the final designs and budget have been determined, and we understand that time is generally of the essence. We will do what we can to accommodate and address any scheduling concerns.

Do you do design work?

We maintain a network of designers with wide ranging expertise that ensures we source the perfect designer for your unique requirements.
In addition to design work, what other pre-construction services do you offer?

We assist our clients with all potential pre-construction requirements including engineering design, geo-technical reports, certification, town-planning and energy efficiency reports

Gold Coast Building Company provides consultancy services for developments, sustainable building techniques and general construction.

Can you help us through the Building Approvals process?

Yes. We understand Building Approval requirements and are experienced at facilitating the process with council and other authorities both here in Queensland and in NSW. We will assist you in preparing and gathering all of the necessary information to make the approvals process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Do you provide a fixed start date and completion date?

During the project planning phase, we work to understand your expectations around project timelines. We prepare a detailed construction schedule to estimate the duration of a project based on our experience and review of all construction and design plans, taking into consideration required approvals, contracts, etc., and will do our very best to accommodate any desired start and/or finish dates.

Any change orders or requests for additional work, depending on their nature and scope, may extend the completion date of the project although we always to our best to minimize any delays.

How many jobs do you work on at any given time?

We are a small company and believe that our smaller volume keeps us in touch with you and your needs. We generally build or renovate between 6 and 10 per year, but this number varies based on the scope and complexity of the individual projects. We rely on our own team of skilled tradesmen and a dedicated team of subcontractors, and will not compromise on quality by taking on more work than we know we can manage at any given time.

We are able to keep tradesman on each of our jobs until completion, which helps guarantee a complete follow through of quality and accountability until we turn over the keys.

How do you keep clients up-to-date on project progress?

We believe that communicating with you through the entire design and construction processes is one of our greatest strengths.

Our clients are assigned a relationship manager who will walk you through the entire project from design to handover and we are available to brief you at any stage of the project. Our clients are completely free to choose the level of involvement they wish.

Do you provide any Guaratees?

Yes we provide:

  • 6 month maintenance period after handover
  • 3 year warranty on all appliances*
  • 5 year mechanical guarantee on door hardware*
  • 7 year warranty on all structural elements
  • 10 year manufacturers guarantee on our 3 coat painting system with long life external paint*
  • Life of building termite protection warranty*

In addition to the formal warranties and guarantees, we are also committed to you having such an incredible experience that you absolutely rave about us. You will only do that if you are 100% happy – that is our goal and commitment.