About Us

Gold Coast Building Company clients have their dream home delivered under our Seven Step Building System that ensures that you know what is happening throughout the project.

Our Seven Step Building System

It’s as easy as….

  1. Initial consultation: we meet and work through your unique requirements because we recognise that every dream home is different.
  2. Preliminary Estimate: we will take two weeks to come back to you with an indicative estimate and schedule for to build your new home
  3. Design:  during this phase we stay in close contact with you as we complete the site survey, soil report, architectural and structural design. This phase can take between 4-12 weeks depending on how much design work is required
  4. Fixed Price Quotation: delivered to you for review and approval within 4 weeks (in most cases earlier)
  5. Building Contract & Approvals: your completed building approvals will take around two weeks (allow more if approvals are required for relaxations or exemptions). While the contract is being approved, we get on with completing your colour selections, and you can either use our pre-co-ordinated schemes or meet with our amazing interior decorator.
  6. Construction: commences one week after approvals and can take from between sixteen to thirty two weeks, depending on your home and the site. We will invite you for inspections at least five times during construction, and you can contact your Consultant at any time for an update.
  7. Handover: you will complete final inspection, receive a briefing on all systems, receive your keys and pop the cork on the champagne we’ll bring along to celebrate your new dream home.

Our Seven Step System is designed to take the worry out of building your new home. It’s supposed to be an exciting time and knowing exactly what is happening at all stages is the key.